Tomato and black olives Tapenade (1x180g)
  • Tomato and black olives Tapenade (1x180g)
  • Tomato and black olives Tapenade (1x180g)

Tomato and black olives Tapenade (1x180g)


EAN CODE: 8001243006325
PACKAGE: 1 x 180 g pot
PRICE PER KG: 27.22€
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Tomato and Black olives Tapenade Turri

Tomato and olives tapenade is obtained using tomato sauce and well ripe, pitted and smashed olives. The addition of extra virgin olive oil and salt exalt the flavour.

Recommended usage: delightful on croutons, with cheese or during your aperitif and for many mediterranean recipes.

Durability of the product: we try to always provide a product as fresher as possible. So we assure a durability, at the moment of purchasing, not less than 12 months.